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Japanese 101

About this course

Japanese language learning is very popular among HSMC students. In order to cater the huge student demand, the e-learning team of the Centre for Teaching and Learning developed a MOOC on Beginner Japanese (Japanese 101). It aims to provide an interactive, student-centered, outcome-based and high quality platform for learning Japanese.

What are the contents covered in the course?

The MOOC includes 10 topics and runs over a period of 10 weeks. We will begin the journey of Japanese by exploring how to pronounce and write Japanese basic characters, vocal and written system. Then, we will learn different topics each week, including related vocabulary, common expressions and dialogues. We will apply newly learnt words in grammar study and learn the principles of Japanese infection, conjugation and sentence structure. In order to assist the learning, all materials are attached at the beginning of each chapter. Additionally, the section of supplementary learning will provide you situational games, role plays, and slangs which enhance your understanding of Japanese culture. Finally, we will examine your progress of learning through language practices and quizzes.

What is the aim of the course?

This MOOC has a strong outcome focus and is especially designed to enhance continuous learning among students. The course aims to help students BUILD at least 600 most commonly used and functional Japanese vocabulary, RECOGNIZE grammatical structures, UNDERSTAND and APPLY vocabulary, grammar and expressions in Japanese conversations.

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